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Sleepingbag niples torture Inflatable
Breath controle
Maîtresse Antoinette
Maîtresse Françoise

Mistress Antoinette
Maitresse Françoise


If you follow me on the paths to ecstasy.
A sin?
There are no more sins.
You can no longer burn in hell.
For the heartless bitch that makes you follow her is me!
Yes, it’s me
And I’ll take the blame.
If you are exposed, legs apart in a sling,
You are just being obedient.
You are just bending to my authority!
If you are penetrated by my obese dildo,
It’s only because I want you to be.
And with me you have no choice but to obey.
Whether you are engulfed in a leather or latex cagoule or a rubber doll,
your are an other and you are travelling in my space.
Bound to the cross, enclosed in leather, tied up in latex, transformed!
At my feet!
In my power at last.

The picture above is one of a long shot whit the talented Christophe Mourthé on June 18 last.

11/20/2012 Nikita américan spy, soon her story
videos Mistress Antoinette - Mistress Françoise perform sleepingbag inflatable - -niple torture-

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