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The androgyn


Who ?

Who is hiding beneath the mask: a feminised man ?
A phallic woman ?

Here is the fourth dimension of gynaecology:

There she is! Not so fast, the androgen is there! There she is, unsure of which sex to turn to. There she is! With her big dick, a TRUE or FALSE one?

There she is! With her false breasts, over TRUE or FALSE ones ?

A Man ? A Woman ? A MANWOMAN who has asked to be stitched up: ass, mouth, ears, someone striving to be swallowed up in the entrails of their Mother, crying "JUSTICE"! In vain, he is seeking what was taken from Adam in his sleep. Looking for his feminine side.

He is looking for his astral body, lost in a monstrously male prison of flesh. He screams out his pain, and only his Mistress, the modern-day sorceress, knows how to melt him down inside her and restore his primal androgyn. .


She is wearing an animal's hair. The human hair of mares' tails, the female hair of horses, gushing forth from of Rubens' paintings. The lion's mane, the dishevelled women of Rubens!...
Rubens, Delacroix and the sex of the dying androgen Sardanapale, do you journey through the same abyssal depths?
In the shadow of the dungeon, the Earth, the Mother?
All of you: painters, writers, MENWOMEN, sensitive to the world of Dionysus, I love you deeply.



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