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Austria - Vienna

Ce que vous trouverez chez Harald,

Un créateur de genie est tout ce que l'on nomme

"Heayvy Rubber"
du nom du magazine.
Vous retrouvez beaucoup de créations

d'Harald sur ce Heavy Rubber.
Son modèle préféré : Sandra ci-dessous

United Kingdom
House of Harlot

You may be a mere mortal,
But Robin (House of Harlot) can turn you into a phallic femme fatale.

Female cop?
Woman toreador?
If you have heavy breasts and a slim waist, and ready-to-wear corsets don’t suit you,
Robin will make a corset to your exact measurements.

Toreador photo by Christophe Mourthé
Boots by Natacha Marro

United Kingdom
Fetters hard bondage

My visit to FETTERS Warwick. UK
- Fever story.
I had dreamed about locking up my slaves, to be a frightening gaoler. I was to kidnap them and secure them into a real straitjacket, something that had never been done before in France! These thoughts excited me and gave me much satisfaction.
Then one day I found an address – FETTERS in London.
I decided to pay a personal visit and discovered this house, situated in a quiet location just outside the city. I knocked the door and was greeted by Jim Stewart, a theatrical producer, who in order to realise his dreams had started to create objects of extraordinary madness. I entered and saw an array of handcuffs, true art objects inspired by the galleries, body cages made of metal, straitjackets made of fabric and leather, and hoods, the like of which I had never before seen. I asked to try one. I was shrouded in darkness, unable to see, my hearing impaired, isolated as if locked in another world.
Soon this business became well known and many orders were being taken worldwide.

Personally I introduced Mozart, my game partner, to these items of intrigue. He frequently visited my dungeon in Paris, and I recommended him to the most famous international dungeons. It was a gesture of kindness.
Mozart was a generous man, always arriving with Fetters hoods or handcuffs, which he left with me as a gift for the pleasure he received.
Fetters continued to expand and Jim took the trademark to the USA, adding new and interesting objects of restriction to his portfolio.
One day John arrived, a man who had been an enthusiast of Fetters equipment for many years. Jim wanted to pursue other interests, so by agreement, it is now John who has taken over the ownership of Fetters. As a good businessman, he did not seek to change the company’s image, and asked Jim to remain the designer of the mark.
Jim now lives his two passions working in the theatre scene and designing increasingly curious objects for the erotic scene.
Fetters have expanded beyond recognition, and now have enormous dungeon showrooms and workshops in Warwick in the Heart of England.
I had previously visited the Warwick showroom, then on the weekend of 6th February I made my second visit. I had been invited as a guest at John’s home, and spent a wonderful weekend, but my main objective was to see what new products Fetters had designed to add to my personal collection.
I was overwhelmed. I ordered many items and heavy metal furniture, which will replace the largest pieces in my dungeon. John will bring these to me in April. I am like a child waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.
I will tell you more after my dungeon has been re-equipped, but in the meantime visit with me, the Fetters showroom, and see me in action with my slave.



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