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Conchita's story


Conchita live now, very often in a cage , you know why ?

Conchita used to arrive in the morning. Her tasks usually start with serving breakfast.As you can see in the photo, the day was beginning.I hired Conchita ten years ago. I rescued her from the clutches of an adventurer who used to beat her. Conchita was grateful, and was eager to give me every satisfaction. My clothes were perfectly folded, the wooden floor was polished. Conchita the perfect maid took care of everything

Do you have any idea, how so perfect, She was !
So perfect and she becom a slut !

Able to be a good french maid ? contact me !

Gradually, the bitch began to get ideas above her station, and thought that she could become a courtesan.
Whenever my back was turned,
she would keep looking at herself in the mirror, putting her make-up on, over and over! Then she started flirting with the men at my dinner parties, which disturbed my friends. She event went as far as going through my guests' pockets to treat herself to her bitch's make-up and whore's dresses.


I tried everything. As you can see, she gets herself up in flimsy women's clothes. Even is she puts on a white apron, she looks more like a trollop then a maid in a good house. I gag her, as she chatters constantly like all Portuguese women.
I put her on her knees, hands behind her back, as you can see in the photos, but to no avail. I never give her a bondage or whipping session, as that would be too much of a treat for her. When these photos of her were taken, she had one idea in mind: dress as a slut and be photographed in street girl clothes. Because she was lazy,

I decide to punished her.

She became Marie Louise,
the poor skivvy and slattern

Even then, she acted the star. She waited for the photographer so that she could pretend to scrub the floor. As soon as the photographer turned around, she stopped scouring the floor. If Conchita wants her picture on the Web, as an urban star, my floor had better be rubbed down with steel wool. Marie Louise had better sweat blood and tears. Once my floor is spotless, Pepita, the beautiful Andalusian who turns on billionaires, will finally be born on the Web.



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