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Spanking - discipline

Masochism that fulfils itself seeks to live out a fantasised programme. The role of the Dominatrix is to control the enactment of that dream, seriously and tragicomically. The art is to take the subject out of his depth, so that for a moment he no longer knows whether what he sees is his own decision, or whether his Mistress is really this intractable, mad and dangerous woman from his dreams.

Being a Dominatrix means taking someone to the edge and showing him the void below, without letting him fall. It's an exercise in virtuosity.
He has to be left panting on the razor's edge. Cultivate expectation and suspense! Violent looks ! Silence !

With spanking, the ceremonial itself is expectation. The masochist drive is rooted in fantasy. But in the fantasy of the most ordinary everyday images. Nothing that can be seen all the way, like the act of penetration, excites the masochist (hence the pointlessness of banning pornographic films to wipe out masochism). The aware, playful masochist is triggered by the subtlety of an image that leaves room for imagination.

So everyday images form the basis, such as a strict glance from a woman in the street or, in the case of spanking: real spanks (the strict aunt, the primary schoolteacher from childhood; sometimes the mere threat is enough to trigger the masochistic dream). A cinema image of spanking, or the spankings in La Comtesse de Ségur. The game involves reproducing the ceremonial in the film or book. All the images, seen on the screen or elsewhere, have to be minutely repeated and enacted. For a man, it's a particular way of lowering his trousers - public school, Comtesse de Ségur, a proper little devil ? Or the way of holding him in your lap...For a woman, her skirts have to be raised, her panties rolled down, her buttocks felt, all very slowly. Passive spanking fans are must often turned on by a classic spanking position, i.e. on their Master or Mistress's lap, with firm movements, the arm firmly around the waist, so that your subject feels dependent on you, submissive: "stinging slaps".
You can start the spanking with harsh slaps, as long as you calm the wounded buttock right away. Feel and caress it sensually. Your partner's buttocks will blush in no time. When they are warm, you can regularly increase the pace, giving bursts of slaps, being careful to stop, announce, caress and start again. If you are a dominant woman, try spanking topless, and if like me you have large, heavy, maternal breasts, run them over your partner's painful bottom.
Have a good spank.



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