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JG Leathers


JG-leathers is certainly one of the most unusually persons on the international scene. He visited many time, during his stay in Paris, I always found his company agreeable, for he is a man of perfect upbringing, distinguished, and intelligent. And so he became my friend.His fantasy is being enclosed in his ‘Creature’. He has created a special one-piece suit with an elaborate restraint and discipline harness. Amongst the many, sometimes terrifying aspects of this structure, his breasts and penis are suckled by means of variable strength vacuums, and at the same time, electrical stimulation is introduced to the male organ by means of a brass ‘sound’, this inserted in the channel of the urethra. Simultaneously, a separately controllable butt plug of the same metal has been fitted for his additional sensory woman experimentation.

Many pictures in the member area. An interview, a lot of his catsuits pictures. How he built toysl. JG Leather en session, interview in the member area with a Christophe Mourthé portofolio

L'interview de JG Leathers Interview

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JG Leathers interview by Maîtresse Françoise on Marquis anf potofolio Christophe Mourthé has published on Marquis number 23.
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