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Interview Penthouse

Penthouse : How does someone become a fetishist?
MF : I don’t think people become fetishists. Personally, I think that every individual is a fetishist to some extent.
The rejection of nudity is almost universal. Society has always taken hold of bodies to dress or even deform them. The beauty of the body depends on an ideal that varies between different ethnic groups and periods. Corrective treatments are often surprising to today’s normative eye. The word “fetishism” comes from the French word “fétiche”, which comes from the Portuguese word “feitiço”, derived from the Latin “facticius”, meaning “artificial”. Every imaginable monstrosity in nature gives rise to extreme fetishism, including dwarves and amputee or obese prostitutes. Ugliness always has two faces, one fascinating and the other unbearable.
In some African tribes, women are scarified. In others, their skull is deliberately deformed or their lips are stretched. In Burma, women wear necklaces to stretch their necks like giraffes. In China, people used to bind children’s feet to keep them small. Finally, in Europe, men who like corseted women are attracted to immobile, tied-up women. They like to see women in very high heels and tight skirts. We know how much pain a man feels when the woman he desires doesn’t belong to him. The masochist eroticises that pain and draws pleasure from it. Bound, corseted women represent the woman possessed as a woman. Their breasts, which spill out from their corset, also stand for the heavy-breasted mother. Everyone knows that the mother is the woman that man possesses completely. So the dominant fetishist makes a deal with the pain he experiences through desire.

Penthouse : Where does fetishism end and where does sadomasochism begin?
MF :I think the border between them is almost undetectable. Fetishists and sadomasochists have a very similar approach. However, fetishists who are not equipped to think can be contemptuous of sadomasochists, and in my circle I’ve seen a dominator physician treat rubber fetishists with disgust. In fetishist enclosure, latex, sweat (water) and rubber, a natural material, represent the womb - peace in a world where man has the omnipotence of the child. When the masochist has himself tied up, or when he has a dominatrix squash his face with her ass, he is seeking the pleasure of the womb. Adepts of scatology or urolagnia choose to be soiled for the same reasons. Fetishists and masochists are attracted to a world that is not life – fury, shouting, war, fear and suffering – but rather a floating place before or after life: death, the weightless cosmos.

Penthouse : What do you think of the states in which this practice is prohibited?
MF : I think that fetishists and sadomasochists have found a way to channel the pain and violence of everyday life. They learn to live through the images and sensations they pick up during their childhood and adolescence. Those who do not experience it recreationally and sexually experience it on a moral basis – that is, they wound others or have themselves wounded through war and conflict. The countries that prohibit these practices are often countries ruled by dictatorships, torture and genocide.

Penthouse : Do you consider fetishists as exhibitionists? If so, do they agree to show themselves off to everyone?
MF :When the French TV presenter Christophe Dechavanne asked me to bring together some fetishists for his show, I was struck by how difficult it was to bring them out of their shell. Fetishists in Northern Europe are more exhibitionist. That’s where the best parties are organised. Rubber Ball in the UK, Europerve in the Netherlands and Ball Bizarre in Germany attract 2,000 – 3,000 people on average, in the wildest costumes.

Penthouse : There is currently a craze for fetishism. Is it just a trend or are fetishists all coming out?
MF : Around twenty years ago, fetishists made simple clothes and latex capes –outfits that completely enclosed their wearer. In the past few years, London designers such as Krystina Kitsis (Ectomorph) and more recently House of Harlot, which created bee-women, Libidex and, above all, the Skin Two team, as well as Steve English in Amsterdam, the Demask boutique and Hellen Shipper, inspired by Ancient Egypt, have all brought fashionable style and colours to fetishism. These designers have attracted new adepts. However, “normal” fashion, with its accessories, clothes and make-up, is fetishist above all else. Make-up plays with love and death. Thierry Mugler is my favourite designer. Both he and Jean Paul Gautier are completely inspired by fetishism and it is one of the reasons for their success, which goes to show that fetishism turns people on in the collective unconscious.

Penthouse : How do you recognise a fetishist?
MF : Some people are fetishists without acknowledging it. If someone feels sexual pleasure at being shut in a cocoon, or at the touch of materials such as silk, latex, plastic or leather, then he or she is a fetishist. But fetishists are also people who are afraid of or cannot have the person they revere. So they substitute a pair of boots, shoes or slippers, which in turn become the object of the sexual desire. A French school of sexology makes this stupid statement: “The case is pathological when the object of the sexual relationship is an inanimate thing (e.g. shoe, pair of stockings).” You don’t have to be an expert or a visionary to understand that an individual that is at ease with and fulfilled by his or her fetishism is not ill. The word pathology is out of place, except in extreme cases that call for a psychiatrist rather than a sexologist. These extreme fetishists sometimes endure great pain, usually caused by guilt. Or they project their own hate outwards and cause other people suffering as sadistic fetishists. Like a young man I knew. He only got a hard-on by shaving his (non-consenting) wife’s head. Or by wanking over photographs of shaven-headed stars. These sadistic fetishists do not play in our theatre. They have contempt for it. They dislike consent. They want to force someone and once they succeed, they lose interest in the object of their torture. Those unaware fetishists are the kind who laugh when they think of Sacher-Masoch’s character in Sapho’s Slipper: “Félicien Wasilewski died a few years ago on his lands in Poland. He had reached a grand old age and had never married. His heirs discovered, among many precious objects, an ivory-incrusted ebony jewel box with an old worn-out slipper inside. Once they got over their surprise, they were amused. They would laugh whenever it was mentioned.”

Penthouse : How did you become a dominatrix?
MF : It happened naturally and instantly, without any initiation. An essentially masochistic person does not need to be initiated, whether for dominant or submissive relations. I tell the full story in my book.

Penthouse : What are men looking for in a relationship with a dominatrix?
MF : To live out their feminine side by staging it. To live in a voluptuous state that allows them to rest and be reborn. Since Eve, woman has been the eternal guilty party. Men come to live out their sexuality and blame the sin on the Mistress. Hypocritically, they murmur, “Yes Mistress, I’ll suck the Black Master’s beautiful fat dick, but only because you order me to, Mistress, just to please you, otherwise...» They come to be punished, which authorizes them to commit the sin. Punishment means permission.

Penthouse : Have you experienced the other side?
Absolutely. I was there before I was a Dominatrix, but it is quite difficult to live with. A man can hide his dominant character by acting and it doesn’t really matter if he gives himself away. The problem for the masochistic woman is that men do not play the game as fully. For some men, being a dominator is a way of making up for their inability to properly assert their virility. SM becomes a pretext for them. Those individuals take themselves very seriously, lose all sense of today’s reality and fall apart when the masochistic woman has a dominant character.

Penthouse : What do you do for publicity?
MF : I’m well known enough!

Penthouse : What are your specialities?
MF : As a dominatrix, I like virtually every game and I have all the techniques. I bar couples from parties if I have any doubt over the woman’s real consent. Or if I think the woman only gave her consent because she is afraid of losing the man she loves.

Penthouse : What do the fetishists you’ve met all have in common?
MF : Love and boundless veneration for the cult object or material. Pagan mysticism.

Penthouse : How can people be SM in countries where it is prohibited?
MF : Prohibition is just an obligation to hide. We never know what goes on between a couple’s sheets. And there are many couples and individuals who practice SM and/or fetishism without calling their relationship that.

Penthousr : What is your favourite bedtime reading?
MF : I prefer philosophy. You often learn more in a few lines than in a whole novel and, above all, it can bear out what you discover in your own meditations. I like Nietzsche, Plato and the Marquis de Sade. Among contemporary authors, when Gilles Deleuze died, it was as if I had lost my father for a second time. I had written to him forty-eight hours before and he had replied with a few very human words. I like Flaubert and I was more affected by the Temptation of Saint Anthony than by Madame Bovary. I have read Masoch a lot. His best-known book is Venus in Furs, but it’s not my favourite. I often reread The Wanderer, La Pêcheuse d'âme and Mardona Mother of God. My favourite poet is Aragon - “So many sobs are needed for an air on a guitar”!

Penthouse : What is a cult film for you?
MF : It’s difficult to talk in terms of a cult film. It depends on the actors, the director, and the period! The films that have struck me in include A Streetcar Named Desire and Elia Kazan’s films in general. Coppola’s Dracula. You see, it varies. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I like Jack Nicholson. Ken Russell’s The Devils. Help! I’m looking for the cassette, as I’d like to see The Devils by Ken Russell with Oliver Reed again.

Penthouse :What do you think is the main characteristic a man should have?
MF : Having evolved to a point where he isn’t afraid for his balls! Having a womb.

Penthouse :The main quality a woman should have?
Learning to live quickly!

Penthouse : What character trait do you hate the most?
MF : I don’t hate anything in men. I avoid some of them.

Penthouse : What does a man need to seduce you?
MF : To be intelligent and sensual.

Penthouse : What is your proudest achievement?
MF : Writing my book despite being self-taught.

Penthouse : In parallel to your dominatrix activities, do you have a “normal” sexuality?
MF : Luckily for me, I do have a sexuality. But what do you mean by “normal”?

Penthouse : If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you like to be?
MF : A female serpent!

Penthouse A material...
MF : Metal!



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