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The story of Salome, as it is usually told, is wrong. Here is what really happened.
In the twilight, Herod used to turn into a whore. He fell madly in love with John the Baptist, who rejects his advances, saying, “You’d like to be a beautiful, golden-eyed Jerusalem girl, but you’re not - you’re pathetic!”
One night, Herod the tart had the idea of disguising himself as the pacifist Salome.
Herod created a stand-in for himself. Dressed in veils, he danced before his double and John the Baptist.

Flabbergasted, the Baptist called to him, “OK, so I’m chaste! But I’m not queer, and if my heart did not belong to God, I certainly wouldn’t mind having Salome

– she’s beautiful.
But you’re not. Do you know what you look like? You can do the dance of the seven veils all you like, you great drag queen! Do you realise how fat your arse is?
You’re anything but delectable,
you ugly tart!”
Herod, furious in his fancy clothes, motioned to his stand-in and had him say:
“Ask me whatever you like, even half my kingdom!”
Bloodthirsty Herod, the vexed whore, asked his double for the head of John the Baptist.

Then, having returned to his male appearance, Herod willingly went ahead with the barbarous act. Ever since that day, Salome and with her all women– seductive women, femmes fatales, courtesans – have borne the guilt for the murder of John the Baptist.
In a far from ordinary mass, Maîtresse Françoise has decided to give John the Baptist a second birth. He will be reborn in a LATEX INFLATABLE… In this way, Maîtresse Françoise intends to wash women of the sins that our misogynistic civilisation makes them carry.

Herod, come and bring me the head!
Don’t say you’ve lost it, you silly cow!



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