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Foot Fetish Trempoling

My stilettos are kept in perfect condition.
My slaves polish them energetically with their tongues, and my boots are always shiny.
I love trampling my slaves, clawing their fur with my heels. As if that piece of meat became a hole, and my heel a sting.
Yes, my heel pricks its way into their flesh and I see their male vagina.
Sometimes, when I'm uncontrollably excited, I cover the heel of my thigh boot with a condom and slide it into their ass.

I love trampling their balls with riding boots. Some Dominatrixes go to great lengths to put on their riding boors. I've found a practical, efficient method: block the leather boot between the slave's thighs and penetrate the boot with the bare foot. The foot slides into the boot like a prick sliding into a male vagina

I like bringing my slaves to orgasm by bringing them to heel. It's easy for me to find fetishists in France on Minitel on-line services, especially 3615 MISSM. But I like scouting, discovering virgin territory. Where no-one is supposed to be a thigh boot, stiletto or foot fetishist. Sometimes I go out in the street, wearing extremely high stiletto shoes.'

I carefully watch the looks I get. Whenever I see that a man's glance is directed at my feet, I stare at him until he admits that I've understood. I see him blush, I see how much I've humiliated him. I frustrate him by walking away, leaving him no more than the clickety-clack of my heels!



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